Drinkwell Platinum Adaptor Warm to Touch. What should I do?

Remove the adaptor from its outlet and try plugging it into a surge protector. If you have an older home the power going to the fountain may not be enough. In this case a surge protector would be necessary. For additional help call 866-322-2530. All Drinkwell fountains and motors have all been safety tested in the United States at Underwriters Laboratories. The UL mark has been awarded to every aspect of our fountains.


Are the Platinum Filters compatible with the Original Fountain and Big-Dog Fountain or Are the Original Filters compatible with the Platinum Fountain?

Both kinds of filters are a standard size and shape and fit all models of Drinkwell pet fountains. The difference is in the quality of the water filtration. The original fountain filters are divided into 2 segments, distributing the charcoal throughout the filter, which removes bad tastes and odors. The new Drinkwell High Capacity Filter is sectioned into six individual compartments to allow for a more even distribution of charcoal throughout the filter. The charcoal removes bad taste and odors, keeping the water fresher and cleaner for your pet. Both filters should be changed every 2-4 weeks to keep your pet's water fresh and clean.


What should I do if the motor is not pumping the water properly or it stopped working altogether?

• Lack of regular cleaning may result in the motor becoming clogged with pet hair and food debris. The motor must be cleaned every two weeks to ensure proper function. Please refer to the motor cleaning instructions in your Drinkwell Operations Manual."


• Water quality will also affect the motor and how it runs. Hard water will cause calcium deposits to build-up within the motor cavity blocking the impeller from spinning. If there is evidence of hard water build-up in the motor cavity, try putting plain white vinegar inside of the motor cavity (without the impeller) and allow it to soak for approximately 10-15 minutes. Allow the impeller to soak in a separate bowl of vinegar for the same duration of time.


• Make sure the cord does not have any frayed or exposed wires due to pet's possibly chewing the cord. If your pet is prone to chewing, visit your local hardware store and purchase conduit cover to sheath the cord.


• Motors last between 3-4 years. If the motor has been in regular use for approximately this time period, it may be old and need replacing. See section “ How do I order replacement parts?”


•  The fountain is to be used indoors only. Outdoor usage can cause damage to the motor at which point the motor would need to be replaced. THE FOUNTAIN PARTS AND MOTOR ARE NOT UL APPROVED FOR OUTDOOR USE.


• Due to differences in electricity depending on the age and location of your home the motor may need to be plugged into a different outlet or be plugged into a surge protector.


• Attempt to unplug and re-plug the motor into the same outlet.


• With some new motors and most old motors it may take some time to prime. Be sure to allow the motor to run (with water in the all parts of the fountain, including; the bowl, and filter housing) for approximately five minutes. If the water does not start flowing after five minutes, please unplug the fountain and then plug the fountain back into the outlet.


• If the motor did run dry, this may be the cause of the motor’s loss of function and the motor will need to be replaced.


What should I do if my fountain suddenly becomes noisy?

It is normal for the motor to be slightly audible, like a low hum, but it shouldn't be very noticeable or loud. First try unplugging and re-plugging in the fountain. This may fix the problem. Most noise is related to the impeller. If the noise persists, remove the motor from the fountain and make sure there is no hair or debris wrapped around the impeller and that all four blades are intact. Please refer to the motor cleaning instructions in the Operations Manual.

You can also cycle the fountain in pure white vinegar. This will help to remove any hard water build-up that can cause the motor to stop running and void the warranty. Make sure to remove the filter before cycling with vinegar.

For the Drinkwell Big-Dog and Original models; if you notice the impeller pin is loose, this may be the cause of your noisy fountain. Gently but firmly press down on this pin to re-seat it into its proper place in the motor. If the pin has completely dislodged itself from the motor, it cannot be placed back into the motor cavity properly and the motor will have to be replaced. Also make sure to keep your motor clean by giving it a good cleaning every 2 weeks. Our motors are designed to last 3-4 years with proper maintenance.

NOTE: This tip only works with the Askoll motors, the motors which are made in Italy. Check the information printed on the side of the pump to confirm.


Tips for noise or weak flow:

  1. Make sure the fountain is full BEFORE plugging the fountain into an outlet.
  2. Un-plug and re-plug in the fountain. This will change the direction the impeller is spinning, which can sometimes fix the problem.
  3. After a good cleaning, take a small cotton swab and place a little bit of olive oil or vegetable oil on the tip (be sure to use a product that is edible and pet friendly). Lubricate the small metal pin inside of the motor with the oil. This allows the impeller to spin more smoothly.

Why is my fountain making gurgling sounds?

The gurgling sounds indicate that the water level is very low. Add water to the fountain immediately. During regular use, do not allow the water level to fall below the inlet grate on the bottom of the flow control knob, or the motor may run dry and burn out. The fountain fill line is about ½ inch below the rim of the bowl. Make sure that your fountain is clean, free of any hair debris or kibble.


How often should I change the filter?

Filters should be changed approximately every 2-4 weeks. Replace filters more frequently when using the fountain for multiple pet's or pet's that produce a lot of saliva. Make sure the black side of the filter faces the front of the fountain.


My fountain is leaking, what do I do?

First empty the fountain of water. Remove the motor from the underside of the fountain bowl. (See “Motor Maintenance” in the Operations Manual.) Check to make sure the motor o-ring (small, black rubber, gasket) is located at the base of the neck of the motor. Reinsert the motor back into the bowl making sure to firmly, yet gently, press while twisting into place. This will reseat the motor. To make the motor come in and out more easily you can grease the motor neck (around the black o-ring) with vegetable oil or Vaseline. If the fountain still leaks, remove the motor again and inspect the bottom of the bowl for any hairline fractures. Also check the neck of the motor for any damage such as crack or fractures. If you are still having trouble locating the problem please call one of our customer service representatives at 866-322-2530.

*Please have the following ready when you call: Brand of motor (Askoll or Resun), Manufacture date of fountain (located on bottom of bowl).

Why is my Drinkwell Platinum Overflowing?

The Platinum fountain is overflowing (not leaking) due to the reservoir not equalizing and emptying all of the water into the bowl.
The Platinum would overflow only if air has access to enter freely. If air is entering the reservoir, the water will not equalize and the reservoir will begin to overflow the fountain. The way air would have access is if the reservoir is damaged, or if there is an air leak caused by a hairline fracture or crack in the reservoir plastic.


How do I order replacement parts?

You may place an order on our website by clicking the “Order Parts/Supplies” link at the top of this page. Then be sure to click on “Parts” not “Supplies and Accessories”. If you have questions regarding ordering a part or which part should be ordered, you may e-mail us at info@petfountain.com or call 866-322-2530. If you would like to mail an order in with a check, download the replacement parts order form and mail to:

Veterinary Ventures, Inc.
P.O. Box 19717
Reno, NV 89511

Is the Aqua Garden compatible with the Drinkwell Platinum Fountain?

The Aqua Garden does fit the Platinum fountain with the Aqua Garden adaptor, without this adaptor the Aqua Garden will not fit properly onto the Platinum fountain. This adaptor is a small clip that latches onto the side of the bowl of the Platinum fountain so the Aqua Garden can sit securely in the bowl. To order the Aqua Garden adaptor you may call Veterinary Ventures, Inc at 1-866-322-2530 Monday through Friday 8am until 5pm pacific time. The adaptor is free of charge if you have the Platinum fountain and an Aqua Garden. In all current Platinum fountains the adaptor is included when you purchase the fountain.

*The Aqua Garden is not compatible with the Drinkwell Big-Dog Fountain or other brands of fountains.


Why isn’t my Aqua Garden Growing?

If your Aqua Garden grass is not growing, check the placement of your Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Although the Aqua Garden does not need direct sunlight, ambient sunlight is necessary and will cause the wheat grass seed to germinate and grow quickly.


Also check to see if your pet has been nibbling on the grass. Some pet's will begin to eat the wheat grass before the sprouts have grown over the Aqua Garden basket. An easy indication of this, is if you notice “white hairs” , growing from the bottom of the Aqua Garden basket. These “hairs” are the grass roots. If you see roots and no grass, it may be that your pet has already helped themselves to the 100% organic wheat grass.


If you are still having trouble and you have not found the answers here to be helpful, please contact us at info@petfountain.com or 866-322-2530, at which time a customer service representative will assist you with your product.


Is the Pink Fountain Still Available?

The Pink Drinkwell Pet Fountain was a limited time production of pink fountains in celebration of our 10-year anniversary and unfortunately is no longer available. A portion of the proceeds benefited the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In October of 2007 Veterinary Ventures, Inc. donated $7,000.00 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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